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Start Living Your Courageously Authentic Life Today

Do you ever think “there must be more than this” to life?

Do you dream of living a more authentic life that lets your true gifts shine?

Does your heart – and mind! – feel that you have a greater purpose in life that is just waiting to be discovered and fulfilled?

I used to feel like that too. My name is Jennifer Monahan, and my passion is to help people define and live authentic, purposeful lives that not only bring them more joy and freedom, but also help them make the impact they want on the world.

Several years ago I worked as an executive leader for a well-paying consulting firm. While I enjoyed the work and the people I worked with, I knew in my heart that there was “something else” out there for me. A chance meeting with a Mayan shaman in Mexico was the catalyst for me to change every aspect of my life. I ended up writing my first of now two books, quitting my job, putting everything I owned in storage and traveling around the world for almost a year. Today, I split my time between San Francisco and Guatemala (where I have built a vacation home of my dreams) living a life that gives me freedom, flexibility and joy while doing work that excites me every day and makes an impact on the world.

As I discovered my authentic self, I learned six things that everyone needs to do to live an authentic life. These six things broke down barriers and gave me the direction and confidence I needed to move forward to create the life of my dreams. I’ve written a short e-book called “Living a Courageously Authentic Life” that outlines these steps. I’d like to give it to you as my gift.

Here’s How I Can Help You

  • “Your ability to field through tough emotions and life situations – and extract deep insights is one of your enduring qualities…Your ability to see “what is” in front of you with wisdom, heart and skillful means make you an ideal coach.”
  • "It was truly a pleasure to meet you and it  was a wonderful experience I had with your journey for me. Thank you again for helping me with situations I am dealing with now. I will be in touch again. Thank you!  You are very talented."
  • "I woke up feeling peaceful and refreshed - it was the first time I felt this way since beginning my cancer treatments."
  • “Because of your focus, people are set at ease knowing you are in the moment and not somewhere else.  This creates a sense of comfort and direction…Your ability to generate trust…comes from a true interest in what is happening.”
  • “You have a calmness about you that is reassuring to people who are going through big changes."
  • "Thank you so much! So much of my life makes more sense right now.  I feel lighter...less heavy and I feel like I'm laughing with true joy for the first time in a while.  Thank you for your beautiful gift.  It was a huge turning point for me and I'm so grateful that we could cross paths."
  • "Thank you so much! I can already feel an openness in my heart! You are incredible!"
  • “You begin, nurture and continue connections with people in all aspects of your life.  Your higher consciousness, that part of you closest to spirit, is present always which allows you to sense others’ needs…You harness that sense to connect and bring out the best.”
  • For the first time, I feel whole.
  • "Thank you, again, for such a healing experience today. I had no idea what to expect. I'm over the moon excited to have finally had contact with the spirit guides that I've always felt surrounding me! It's nice to know it hasn't all just been a story in my head. I feel so much clearer about my professional path."
  • "Thank you again for the session yesterday, Jennifer. I already feel that I have a greater understanding and freedom as well as expansiveness and connection to a larger world. It’s a really welcome feeling to experience that."
  • "I wanted to extend from my heart to yours how incredibly grateful I feel for our shamanic session today. We often highlight as healers how "it's spirit doing the work", which is true, but... or AND I want to also acknowledge and honor YOU for the amazing soul and deeply feeling spirit you are; intelligent, wise, heartfelt, compassionate, intuitive, facilitating such powerful healing for me and others. I can just feel your wonderful journey in the deeply spiritually connected, miraculous  place you are over there, the magical expansion that is happening and the many lives you touch, the many lives you will touch and help move forward powerfully. I know I feel deeply touched and moved forward. You are incredible truly. Thank you for who you are and the very special gifts you share with this world."
  • "Thank you SO much Jen! You really helped me to acknowledge a lot of things I already knew as well as bringing clarity to some of the goals I have."
  • "Thank you for everything. Things have started moving, you've helped me speed up the transition. I can hear your voice as a reminder to always switch the "bad tape" into a positive one...and I can see the changes. Thank you a million times."
  • "Thank you so much for your help and this insight.  It is so clear to me now.  It definitely helps.
    Thank you again.  Brilliant. You are amazing."
  • "It was really nice speaking to you last weekend, our session was really eye opening and helped me realize some very important things."
  • "I was aware of a healing presence during Jennifer's shamanic work for me.  It was like a warmth, comfort and awareness of something important happening. The messages, symbols and insights I received from Jennifer's session with me were 100% on target and perfect for helping me get clear and healthy.  My rebirth into health was facilitated both on a spiritual and a physical level.  I needed this breakthrough! Thank you."

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