Shamanic Journeying – Exploring Other Worlds

Shamanic Journeying – Exploring Other Worlds

One of the most powerful tools a shaman has in his or her tool kit is the Shamanic Journey. During a journey, the shaman enters an alternate state of consciousness and travels to other worlds to meet with spirit guides, helpers, ancestors and other beings for answers, healing or even to just visit.

There are three “Worlds” that the shaman can journey to:

  1. Upper World: the Upper World is similar to how most people envision heaven. It is an ethereal world, filled with ascended masters, angels, ancestors and others focused on helping us humans heal and grow spiritually.
  2. Lower World: the Lower World is a magical place. Physically, it is similar to Earth, with trees, grass, flowers, waterfalls, oceans, etc. Every kind of animal lives in the Lower World, as well as enchanted beings such as fairies, gnomes and unicorns. Some human spirit helpers also live in this world.
  3. Middle World: the Middle World is the spiritual version of our physical reality on this planet. While the Upper and Lower Worlds are filled with helping spirits, the Middle World has helping spirits, neutral spirits, and malevolent spirits. Shamans must be strong spiritually when traveling and working in the Middle World and often bring a power animal or other guide with them.

During a journey, the shaman begins by calling in his or her helping spirits and clearly stating the intention for the journey. The shaman then enters a state of altered consciousness through chanting or rhythmic drumming and travels to one of the Worlds to fulfill the journey intention.

For example, I recently journeyed to meet an ancestral helper of mine and strengthen our relationship. I traveled to the Lower World, met my power animal, and went to a small islet by the ocean. My ancestral helper was waiting for me there, and greeted me warmly. She said that she was here to teach me to see from my heart. She performed a healing on me, and then we walked along the beach to where a bonfire was burning. There were many spirit beings around the fire, including some that I had worked with from the Upper World. She explained that this was my tribe for me to call in for healings on my clients and myself. They surrounded me and filled me with energy and light to bring back to this reality.

In other journeys I have met with spirit helpers to help heal others. They worked with me in each instance to extract negative or misplaced energy, retrieve pieces of a person’s soul that had been lost, reunite a client with his or her power animal, or divine an answer to a problem.

Shamanic journeying is incredibly powerful and can have instant and lasting impacts on one’s well-being! If you’d like to learn more about journeying or have a healing session, please email me at:


  1. Madeline Johnson 8 years ago

    Hi Jennifer – I have had incredible experiences with Barnaby Ruhe here in NY – I have had healing experiences with my power animals –an albatross, lioness and eagle. I am curious – are you based in NY?

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 8 years ago

      Hi Madeline – no, I’m based in San Francisco, but do a lot of shamanic work remotely. I love that you’re working with your power animals and that you’ve experienced shamanism with Barnaby Ruhe.


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