The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 2: Mental Healing

The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 2: Mental Healing

When a shaman does a healing journey for someone, the shaman is asking for help from the spirit world to bring about the healing. Sometimes the healing occurs in a different energy body than the one that the individual was asking about – for example, the individual may want physical healing of a disease, but the healing that occurs is a spiritual, mental or emotional one related to the disease. This usually happens because a different energy body is in greater need of healing and transformation than the one that was requested. Sometimes, once the different energy body has healed, it helps bring healing to the initial energy body requested.

One of my clients was recovering from breast cancer. When I started working with her, she had already gone through surgery and was in the middle of her radiation treatments. She was hoping that I could help her feel better, since the treatments had left her feeling run down and weak.

When I did the first healing journey for her, I focused on the physical energy body. Working with my spirit helpers, we removed a number of blockages within her breast area. But I kept getting nudged to focus on her head area. There was a blockage there that felt almost like a tight muscle there. It took a lot of work to release the “knot” that was there.

My client mentioned after this initial healing that for the first time since she started her cancer treatments she felt refreshed and lighter.

mindset-743166_1280The spirit helpers gave me a message for her that made it very clear that her healing needed to focus first in the mental body. My client admitted that she was often “in her head” and that her negative mind chatter controlled her thoughts, feelings and perception of herself.

We spent about 3 months working on this. Over time, her mind chatter slowed down and she was able to recognize it and stop it before it took over. Since what you think becomes your reality, we worked on re-training her mind so that any “chatter” was focused on self-love, nurturing and positivity.

As we went through this healing process, she was surprised to see that all aspects of her life were getting better. She felt her health improving and got to the point where she was strong enough to take charge of her physical healing through a number of dietary and lifestyle changes. She began to feel more empowered in her work, which was noticed and praised by her boss and colleagues. She let go of negative and draining relationships that had been poisoning her. And she began taking steps to do things that would help her further develop her interests and passions.

She summed it up best at our last session: “I feel like a new person. I can handle anything that life throws at me. I feel like I am finally living for me.”

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