The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 3: Emotional Healing

The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 3: Emotional Healing

We have all had times when our emotions take over our being and make it difficult to function or make decisions. Sometimes this is a good thing, such as when a loved one passes away. Allowing ourselves the time to go through the grieving process is healthy and natural. But there are other times when our emotions can be detrimental to our health, such as when someone is depressed.  In these instances, our emotional state may actually prevent us from physical healing.

One of my clients had gotten some discouraging health news and was having a hard time getting past the emotional despair he was feeling about it. He asked me to do a shamanic healing to help him out.

During my journey, I focused on the area that was associated with the health concern. My helping spirits also guided me to work on some other areas as well, and encouraged me to do a power animal retrieval for my client.

I took a quick trip to the Lower World, found his power animal, and integrated the power animal’s energy into his. I also spent time with his power animal to understand the message it was bringing to my client.

When I shared the power animal’s identify and messages with my client, it was like a light bulb went off in his head. He was able to release the unhealthy emotional energy and get clarity on what he needed to do to heal. In his words: “The messages, symbols and insights I received from Jennifer’s session with me were 100% on target and perfect for helping me get clear and healthy. I needed this breakthrough!”

Once he was able to break through his emotions, he was able to focus on the physical aspect of his healing, which progressed far more quickly than the doctor’s had anticipated.

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