The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 4: Spiritual Healing

The Power of Shamanic Healing, Part 4: Spiritual Healing

Shamans look at the body in its totality – its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual hurts and needs – when working with a client. While each of the blog posts in this series was presented as an individual example of a type of healing (physical, mental or emotional), the reality is that healing takes place across all of the energy bodies concurrently. The extent of healing in each may vary, but healing does occur.

Spirituality is the connection one has to a Universal Power or Source and the recognition of that Power or Source within the self. Many people have a difficult time with this. A shaman works with his or her clients to help them feel and recognize this. In fact, each shamanic healing works with the spiritual aspects and energy of a client. For example:

  • The work I did with my client with breast cancer focused on eliminating the mind chatter that was preventing her from loving herself. At the same time, however, the work we were doing also helped bridge and heal the gap she had in her personal spirituality. She began to realize that not only was she a lovable valuable human being, but also that there was a part of her – that part of her that was connected to the Source – that gives her access to a knowing and a wisdom far greater than her physical, mental or emotional bodies.
  • The client that was having a difficult time moving past his despair over his health situation recognized the connection between his spiritual and physical health when he said: My rebirth into health was facilitated both on a spiritual and physical level.
  • My own healing journey was only possible because I was able to connect with a Higher Source that helped me in my physical, emotional and mental healing.

As you pursue your own personal healing journey, remember to tap into your spiritual energy to help bring about physical, mental and emotional healing!

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