Our Energetic Connection to Nature Beings

Our Energetic Connection to Nature Beings

One of the foundational tenets of shamanism is that everything – plants, animals, rocks, water, wind, fire, you name it – is alive and has an energy field. This belief guided many indigenous cultures to have the utmost respect for all visible and invisible nature “beings” since the energy fields connect everything to one another.

Through this energetic connection, shamans can tap into the wisdom and guidance of these nature beings, whether for personal learning or to help during healing ceremonies for clients.

So, how do these beings help?

  • mallard-567985_1280Serve as a visual cue as to what is causing dis-ease. For one client, Duck and Water came through. The image they showed me was of Duck serenely floating on the Water, but underneath, Water was churning. The message was that my client was suppressing her emotions, but they were causing her internal distress.
  • Provide guidance on what is needed for healing. Almost immediately after a car hit me, a Mayan jade axe that I own began calling out to me to spend time with it. Jade is a powerful healing and protecting stone. When it is carved in the shape of an axe, jade’s energy helps one get to the point quickly. Jade Axe’s message to me was that I needed to tap into its energy to focus and aid in my healing.
  • Partner with us through a life lesson, challenge or event. Power animals are an excellent example of this. They will come into our life at a time that we need the skills, attributes and energy of the power animal to move forward.

Even if you’re not working with a shaman, pay attention to nature beings and images that come to you if you are looking for guidance about a situation.  You might be surprised at the messages that come to you!

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  1. Madeline Johnson 8 years ago

    Great article and examples of how the world and everything in it can guide us if we are present in the moment and aware. Thanks for sharing.

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