Wisdom, Spirituality and Health – A Mayan Shaman’s Perspective

Wisdom, Spirituality and Health – A Mayan Shaman’s Perspective

On my first trip to the Yucatan, I met a Mayan shaman, who began teaching me about shamanism and how to do shamanic work.

He began his instruction by teaching me the Mayan perspectives of the chakra system. The chakras are energy centers in our bodies. Each is associated with a different area of the body and has a specific role or capability associated with it. When our energy does not flow smoothly through our chakra system, we can become dis-eased.

Most energy healers and spiritual practices recognize seven chakras:

  1. chakraThe root chakra, located at the base of the spine. It’s associated with basic survival; its color is red.
  2. The sacral chakra, located in our lower abdominal area/sex organs. It is all about creation and our relationships with others and is orange.
  3. The will chakra, located in our solar plexus. This chakra is associated with self-confidence and control, and is yellow.
  4. The heart chakra, located at the heart. It focuses on pure love and joy, and its color is green.
  5. The throat chakra, located in the throat. This chakra helps with self-expression and communication. It is a robin-egg blue color.
  6. The third-eye chakra, located on the forehead, between the eyes. It helps with intuition and insights and its color is indigo.
  7. The crown chakra, located at the top of the head. This chakra connects us to our Spiritual Source/Higher Power and is violet in color.

He explained to me that Mayan shamans recognize 21 chakra points for each person: 9 above the body, 7 in the body (described above), and 5 below the body. They represent the higher consciousness, the conscious, and the subconscious, respectively.

However, when doing shamanic work, Mayan shamans group these 21 chakra points into three primary points for the purpose of healing:

  1. Wisdom: this energy point is associated with the mind and linked to the third-eye chakra. Mayan shamans use jade, known for its ability to help humans access the spiritual world and get insights and answers, to clear and align this energy point.
  2. Spirituality: this energy point is associated with the soul and linked to the heart chakra. Red amber is used with this point, since amber helps guide one into meditation, radiates light energy and connects the conscious self to a Higher Power.
  3. Health: this energy point is associated with the body and linked to the sacral chakra. Obsidian, a stone known for its ability to ground and heal, is used with this point.

When these three points are cleared, they can help bring about healing, spiritual evolution and deep insights.

As part of my learning, he conducted a shamanic healing on me, focusing on these three points. He placed the stones on their respective points, and worked to open and clear my energy. As he worked, I had a huge wave of repressed emotions wash over me and release. By the end of the healing session, I felt more peaceful than I ever had.

After the healing, for 21 days, I continued to work with the energies of the three stones and gave daily thanks to the Universe for the gifts of Wisdom, Spirituality, and Health.

Even if you don’t have access to the stones, you can visualize the stones while expressing gratitude for these gifts from the Universe.  Try it for 21 days and see what transforms within you!


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