Our society places a lot of value on “doing.” We are rewarded for accomplishing goals and completing tasks. While doing is important, it should be balanced with “being.” Being is the yin to doing’s yang.
Some people mistake being for doing nothing. Nothing is farther from the truth, however. Being is the starting point for doing. It requires us to go within, to access our inner wisdom and search for answers. Once we have our answers, we can more easily decide what we should be doing, and we can an be more focused about what it is that we do.

So how can you cultivate being in your life? Here are some tips to get started:

  • Learn to be comfortable with silence. It is in the silence that the tiny voice within you can be heard.
  • Focus on your breath. This stills the mind chatter and creates space for your inner wisdom to come forth.
  • Spend time daily meditating. Often, if I’m wrestling with a problem I will pose the question just before I begin meditating. As I meditate, the answer will come to me.
  • Practice stream of consciousness writing: write your question on a sheet of paper and then clear your mind. The answer will begin to form in your mind. Write down the words as they come – don’t worry about grammar or spelling. When I do this, the words come so fast I can hardly keep up!

As you begin incorporating being into your life, you will be able to determine the best balance and rhythm for you.

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