Working with a Shamanic Healer

Working with a Shamanic Healer

Many of my clients have never worked with a shamanic healer before and naturally have a lot of questions about the process and how we will work together. If you are considering working with a shaman, here are some things that I suggest to my clients that may help you:

  1. Be diligent. Spend as much time researching shamanic practitioners as you would any other healer. Read reviews. Check out their websites and social media sites. Learn about their credentials and experience. Ask for a complimentary “get to know you session” where you can ask your potential shaman questions to help you assess if he or she is the right fit for you.
  2. Be honest. A good shamanic healer is a professional and will respect and honor what you have to say – and keep it private.
  3. healing-668178_1920Be clear. Spend some time before your shamanic session thinking about what you want to accomplish during the session and what specifically you want your shaman to focus on.
  4. Be open. Shamanic healing works at many levels, beginning at the spiritual level, and employs healing approaches that may be different from what you’ve experienced with other healers. Miracles can and do happen. But, for it to work, you need to be open to the approach, as well as the messages and suggestions your shamanic healer brings back to you.
  5. Be true to yourself. Acknowledge and own that you ultimately are responsible for your own healing. If some of the messages or suggestions from your shaman don’t feel right or don’t resonate with you, put them aside. Find what does ring true with you at this point in time and work with that. Those other messages may have more meaning for you in the future, or may never have meaning. It’s your job to focus on those that do.
  6. Be willing to do the work. Healing is not a passive activity. Your shaman will most likely suggest some things for you to do to help with your healing. Assess these and do those that “feel right” to you.
  7. Be patient. Healing is a journey and takes time. While complete, instantaneous and miraculous healing can occur, this is usually the exception and not the norm. Look for gradual changes and shifts that validate that healing is occurring for you on all levels (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical).

If you follow this advice, you should have a much more rewarding and impactful shamanic experience. Blessings on your healing journey!


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