Shamanic Extraction Healing

Shamanic Extraction Healing

In an extraction healing session, the shaman works to identify and remove negative energy blockages within the spirit body.  This negative energy can come from external sources, such as someone screaming at you, or internal sources, such as negative self-talk and doubt.  It often shows up in the physical body as aches, pains, inflammation, fatigue, depression and/or a variety of localized illnesses, such as cancer in a specific area.

For healing to occur, the shaman extracts the negative energy from her client’s body, much as one would extract a splinter with tweezers from a finger for it to heal.

The shaman begins by merging with her power animal, calling in helping spirits, and entering an altered state of consciousness.  In this state, she can see and feel the negative energy blockages in her client.  Once identified, the shaman removes the negative energy  from the client’s body and neutralizes it in water.  This can be tricky sometimes, since the negative energy usually doesn’t want to leave!

Once all of the negative energies have been removed, the shaman will then fill up the holes left by the negative energy with positive, love-filled energy to help prevent other negative energies from coming in.

I find that most of my clients have some type of negative energy blockages in their spirit body. This doesn’t surprise me, given all of the negativity most of us encounter as we go about our day.  As a matter of course, I do some extraction healing in nearly all of my shamanic sessions.

Like all shamanic healing methods, extraction healing can be done in conjunction with other shamanic, traditional and alternative healing modalities with positive results.

I recently worked with a client that has localized cancer. She was receiving traditional cancer treatments as well as some alternative treatments.  We did a series of shamanic extraction sessions where I focused on removing negative energies from her spirit body and replacing them with positive, love-filled healing energy.  I also brought her a power animal that wanted to lend its strength and attributes to help with her healing.  After each session, she remarked about how light-filled, peaceful and hopeful she felt.  Her latest round of tests have shown that the cancer cells are decreasing.  It is impossible to say the role each of the healing modalities she has been using have played in the decrease of her cancer cells, however, I believe that by combining both traditional and alternative healing techniques together, she has been able to heal her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies – and do so faster.


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