Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine


Our planet, and many of its human inhabitants, is out of balance.

Thousands of years ago, societies recognized and worshiped the Divine Feminine and the goddess, and their links to creation and fertility. The pendulum shifted to the worship of the Divine Masculine with the advent of organized, non-earth-based religions. In almost all these religions, any aspect of the Divine Feminine was snuffed out (sometimes literally) and branded as witchcraft or heresy.

It’s time to restore the balance to the planet – and all of us living on it. Both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are required, in balance and in their highest form, to bring peace and healing.

  • The Divine Feminine, in her highest form, brings the gifts of intuition, wisdom, patience, understanding, nurturing, flexibility, fertility and birthing (of ideas, children, businesses, art…anything you can think of!). In her negative form, she can be emotional, manipulative, controlling, indecisive and weak.
  • The Divine Masculine, in his highest form, brings courage, action, loyalty, fearlessness, logic and gentle protection. He does no harm to others and uses his power to bring harmony and peace. In his negative form, he can be rigid, aggressive, ruthless, violent, dominating, and heartless.

We are the only species that brands one as being less important than another. If you look at every other living thing on this planet, you will see a balance between the masculine and the feminine. Each is necessary for the species to survive, and each brings its strengths to ensure that it does. This is not about pitting masculine against feminine, but, rather, about respecting and bringing the best qualities of each forward.

It needs to start within us. We each have aspects of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within ourselves, regardless of our gender.

The first step is to recognize how you might be repressing aspects of your Divine Feminine and/or Divine Masculine within you and embracing them. From there, you can begin to better integrate both into you to create a more-balanced whole. Once balanced, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within you can work together to bring about healing – or anything else you want to create.

Then it can spread out to our significant others, children, co-workers, groups…and ultimately to all of humankind. When the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are in balance, we will truly be able to tackle every problem this planet faces – famine, environmental issues, war, poverty – and bring about healing and peace.

I began 2016 with a shamanic ceremony focused on healing and bringing balance to both the planet and every inhabitant. I am committing to doing these ceremonies each week this year, but know that when many people work together the impact can be greater and faster. And so I’m asking that you join in. Focus on creating balance within you and then let that balance shine out to the rest of the world. Peace and healing begins within.

Thank you!




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