We are all Connected through Energy

We are all Connected through Energy

I’ve had several clients ask me how I am able to conduct shamanic healings remotely.  The answer is that we are all connected through energy cords.  Some of these cords are stronger than others because of the strength of the relationship between two individuals.  However, even a “new” cord, such as through a budding shaman-client relationship, is strong enough for a shaman to connect to in order to conduct a healing session.

My power animal, who I will refer to as 444, shared this lesson early on in my shamanic training.  Following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, This Trip will Change Your Life – A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution, that details the lesson:

444 took me to the top of a very high mountain. As I looked at the view, I noticed all these thin white lines, or filaments, crisscrossing the world. There were so many of them that I could only see them—they completely blocked the view.

I asked 444 about them. He told me that they are the lines that connect all things to everything else. Each is a line of energy and love.

He had me step out and jump onto them. The lines caught me and were very springy. It was like jumping on a trampoline. I laughed and bounced around for a while. 444 then asked that I lie down on the lines. Once I did, I felt the lines supporting and hugging me, almost like I was in a wonderful cocoon or hammock.

444 had me look at my heart, and showed me all the lines coming out of my heart center. Each was to a person, place or thing that I loved. Some of the lines were thicker than others; these were the stronger relationships in my life. As I thought about it, I realized that these cords were the reason why I was able to do shamanic work remotely for Antonio and a family member. We were connected even though we were far apart.

I could grab any one of the cords and see the connection that it made, whether it was to a specific person, place or thing. 444 had me practice with Antonio’s line. He had me slide along the line so that I could “be” with Antonio. I was able to see and feel Antonio and his energy.

When we were done, and 444 had finished explaining about the cords to me, we went back to my sacred space and said good night.

When I work with a new client, we begin by having a conversation about what it is that the client is looking to accomplish.  During this time, I am able to connect energetically with the client for the shamanic session and do the healing work that needs to be done.

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  1. Michelle Adam 7 years ago

    Nice blog and work you are doing. I much agree on how we connect through this cosmic web that we are all a part of. I’ve been writing about a journey of the soul… very shamanic journey…that you may enjoy at http://www.michadam.wordpress.com.

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 7 years ago

      Thanks Michelle! I will definitely check out your site. ~Jennifer

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