Welcome to the Imix Trecena

Welcome to the Imix Trecena

The Mayan spiritual calendar, called the Tzolkin, includes 20 13-day cycles.  Each cycle of the calendar is called a trecena and has a spiritual theme associated with it.  The focus of the Tzolkin is to increase an individual’s consciousness and spiritual evolution.  If you spend time reflecting and acting upon the message for each trecena, you will come out at the end of the 260 days with a deeper understanding of yourself and an increased level of consciousness.

Today begins a new round of the Tzolkin Calendar, with the IMIX, or crocodile, trecena. It is a cycle associated with birth, nurturing, new ideas and possibilities – and is a great time to go within and think about what you want to accomplish over the next 260 days!

What do you want to do and achieve?






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