Clearing Away the Clouds

Clearing Away the Clouds


After nearly every shamanic session, my clients will tell me how wonderful they feel. One client last week told me that she never knew she could feel so good.

Why is this?

When I do my shamanic work with clients, I work with their spiritual body, their soul. Our spiritual bodies are like the sun – they shine brilliantly with love, joy, and peace. But like the sun, they can be covered with clouds that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to see and feel their bright light.

During a shamanic session, I work to remove these “clouds.” The clouds can be made up of a variety of things: stagnant energy that needs to get moving, negative energy that needs to be removed, or a loss of part of the soul that needs to be restored, for example. Once the clouds are removed, the brilliance of the spirit body can shine through. I often “amp up” the energy of the spirit body with an infusion of love and healing energy from my spirit helpers.

Finally, for most clients, I’ll also identify, bring back and incorporate a power animal into their spirit body. The power animal brings additional energy, and provides valuable insights that the client can apply to his or her life to help keep the clouds away.

Our life purpose is to let our individual and unique light shine out to the world, using it to bring about change and higher consciousness in whatever way resonates most with us. Shamanic healing helps with this, but it also requires work on your part to keep the clouds from coming back and staying. As I told my client last week, “This is the way you are supposed to feel everyday!”


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