Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Soul Retrieval


Have you ever felt that part of you was missing? Or that you just didn’t feel like yourself?

It’s possible that part of your soul has left your spiritual body, leaving a hole in your energy being. Pieces of your soul may leave because of a trauma, accident, or fearful situation. Sometimes the trauma can be something that might not even seem that scary today, such as a bad thunderstorm, but was very scary when you were a small child.

When I was hit by a minivan while walking across the street, two pieces of my soul left my body. One left just before impact (very smart – I would have left too!) and the other left immediately after. While I didn’t feel the loss of my soul pieces right away because I was in shock, I did feel it later.

Regardless of the reason, when a piece of your soul leaves your body, the resulting hole can be a magnet for negative energy and disease.

A shaman will work with you to retrieve your soul pieces and reintegrate them back into your being.

When I do a soul retrieval for a client, I ask my power animal and other helping spirits help me find the missing soul. Once found, I ask the soul piece if it is ready and wants to come back. When the soul piece says yes, I then bring it back to my client.

For example, I was working with a woman who didn’t feel like herself. I set out on a shamanic journey to see if she had lost part of her soul. I found one piece of her soul in the Upper World in a beautiful Greek-style gazebo. The soul was calm, peaceful and happy, and readily agreed to come back to be integrated into my client. However, the soul piece said we needed to bring another part of my client’s soul back as well.

The soul piece led me to a dark, miserable cave in the Middle World. There, tucked in the back, was another piece of my client’s soul. This piece (let’s call her Soul Piece 2), was scared and confused, and wasn’t certain that she could come back. Soul Piece 1 and I spent time with Soul Piece 2, talking to her, comforting her, and encouraging her to come back. Finally Soul Piece 2 agreed to come back.

I brought both soul pieces back to my client. Once integrated, I shared with my client what had happened, the ages of the two soul pieces, the messages each had for her, and what each piece needed from her to fully heal and reintegrate into her soul. My client was able to immediately pin point the events that had led to the loss of these two soul pieces.

Often, when a soul piece is reintegrated into the soul, it needs to release the emotions that were associated with the initial trauma. I explained to my client that this sometimes happens, and we talked about how she could best be prepared and how to nurture herself and the newly reintegrated soul pieces during this time. Sure enough, the next day a wave of previously unfelt emotions about the traumas went through my client. She was prepared, however, and was able to work through them…and finally feel whole and like herself again.


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