Living Your Dreams

Living Your Dreams


Have you ever given up on a dream or your life purpose because you’ve been told no, or that it is stupid, or had a setback?

Last night I saw the Michael Jackson “One” Cirque du Soleil show. The show had great music (how could it not with a Michael Jackson soundtrack?), a fun storyline, and, of course, amazing acrobatics.

But the most impressive thing of the entire show, in my opinion, was the acrobat who only had one leg. He used his crutches as his second leg to do a variety of stunts and even had a solo near the end of the performance. The things he was doing were incredible on their own; the fact that he was doing them with just one leg, even more so.

I found myself thinking about this man well after the show.

How many people told him that he couldn’t be an acrobat because of his physical disability? How much harder did he have to work? How easy (or difficult) was it to convince the Cirque du Soleil people to give him the chance to audition and perform? And how big of a support system did he have to help keep him focused on his dream when he got told “no” or had a setback?

dreams-not-your-life-881020_1920.jpgWhile I may be incorrect, and perhaps this man had the full support of everyone around him as he pursued his dream, I know that ultimately the strength and conviction to realize a dream needs to come from within.

So, thank you, to the man on crutches at Michael Jackson “One” for serving as a reminder that we all can achieve whatever we desire.

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  1. Karen 7 years ago

    I needed to hear ths today, thank you.

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