Facing Our Fears Head On, Part 2

Facing Our Fears Head On, Part 2


It’s been two weeks since a new friend of mine identified – with laser-like focus – one of my deep-rooted fears and asked about it. I decided to face that fear head on to eliminate, or at the very least, minimize its impact on my life.

They say that timing is everything, and it is certainly true in this case. My friend’s message came at a time when I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually ready to release this fear. I just needed the nudge of total awareness to do so.

Since then, I’ve been doing a number of things to help me work through and release my fear. I can feel the shift within me, and feel lighter and happier. And I’m already seeing a difference in how I approach the world. I’ve had one “mini fear-relapse,” but I’ve used it as an opportunity to actively practice releasing.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

  • I did a shamanic journey and asked my spirit guides and helpers to conduct a healing on me to release my fears. I immediately felt a loosening of the fear in my body and then saw it leave my energy body.
  • I reached out to a colleague of mine and asked that he also do a healing session for me. We dug deeper into my fear and identified the root cause of it, which helped me better understand it.
  • I worked with crystals to help build up the positive aspects of my energy.
  • I took some flower essences to help me through this time.
  • I wrote in my journal about the fear and how it had impacted me. I thanked the fear and expressed my gratitude toward it for getting me to this point in time, and then outlined why I no longer needed to hold onto it.
  • I talked with close friends about the fear and what I was doing – and got their love, reassurance and encouragement as I released the fear.
  • I visualized living without this fear in a variety of situations and felt how different my life is without the fear.
  • When I had my “mini fear-relapse” I practiced mindfulness and deep breathing.

How do you release fear?

Knowing how things work in the Universe, I can practically guarantee that there will be some situations that come up in the near future that could trigger this fear. These will be little tests that the Universe puts me through to see if I have truly mastered the release of this fear. I know that these tests will make me stronger, and look forward to them!



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