Getting Help from Beyond

Getting Help from Beyond

It is difficult when someone you love passes away.

However, just because someone is no longer physically present in your life doesn’t mean that they are gone. Often, they are closer than you think.

When I work with clients, I ask them if there is anyone close to them that has passed on that they would like me to invite to the shamanic session. Most of my clients have someone that they would like to help with their healing. I begin my shamanic journeys by inviting these loved ones to join, and am often touched by the amount of love and compassion they bring to the session:

  • One of my clients asked that I invite her grandmother to help with the healing process. As I began my shamanic journey, I asked that her grandmother join us. She did, and proceeded to make me and the other helping spirits laugh with her warm sense of humor. She was a hoot! But when the healing started, she was all business. At one point, she put her hands on my client’s heart and shared a beautiful healing message that brought tears to both my and my client’s eyes.
  • Another client asked that I invite in a close friend that had passed away suddenly several years prior. It took me a little while to find him, but when I did, I could feel how much love was in his heart. He played a couple jokes on me as we talked – and my client laughed when I shared this, since he had been that way when he was alive.
  • Recently, a client asked me if I could invite his birth mother, whom he had never met or been able to identify, to join in the healing process for him. He wasn’t certain if she had passed on, but asked that I try. I began my shamanic journey and immediately felt someone with me. It turned out to be my client’s maternal grandmother (the mother of his birth mother). She actively participated in my client’s healing ceremony, and shared a personal message of how she had been helping my client. My client was thrilled with this, and told me that he had been told in the past that his maternal grandmother was with him,  helping him.

Never underestimate the power of love – it, and the energy and soul of the person who has passed on, lives forever!


  1. sumi 7 years ago

    Hi my name is sumi. My mom passed away last week and i really would love to know how she’s doing, I’ll like to know more about her for I feel so empty without her. Can you help me please.

  2. Karen 7 years ago

    This is so inspiring! Was this during a soul retrieval?

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 7 years ago

      These examples were from healing energy sessions focused on removing negative energy. But loved ones could definitely participate in a soul retrieval session as well.

  3. Denise Basham 7 years ago

    Losing my son a few months ago I ask him for healing help . is there something else I should try?

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 7 years ago

      Hi Denise. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a child is extremely difficult. My heart goes out to you. What are you looking to accomplish with your request for healing help from your son? ~Jennifer

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