Today begins the AHAU, or sun and hunter, trecena.

This trecena is about acts of heroism and gaining enlightenment on your personal journey.

Every living thing recognizes the gift of the sun.  Plants follow the path of the sun, turning to maximize its rays.  Animals bask in its warmth.  Ancient man, and even indigenous tribes  today, worship and respect the sun.  The Mayans built pyramids that aligned with the movement of the sun.  Modern man looks to harness the power of the sun to provide electricity.

The light of the sun brings life and growth.  Use this time to purify and increase your inner light.  Let its brilliance shine through any doubts and fears you may have, preventing them from coming back, and give you clarity about your life purpose and path.  Then begin taking steps along that path. This takes true courage!

In addition, each of the next 13 days has the potential to shine light on issues, problems and questions in your life.  Begin this trecena with the intention to gain revelations and see what you discover!

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