Handling Toxic Environments

Handling Toxic Environments


We’ve all been in situations where the energy and atmosphere is toxic – filled with negative emotions you can practically feel.  It can happen anywhere, and if not consciously managed, can lead to physical, mental and emotional problems.

Here are some ways to protect yourself when in a toxic environment:

  1. If possible, remove yourself from the situation.
  2. Consciously shield yourself.  You can do this by visualizing a protective bubble around yourself that only allows positive, loving energy in.  You can also call in helping guides, such as Archangel Michael, who is a protector, to help shield you.
  3. Build a network of people within the environment who can support you and help you keep your energy up.
  4. If the environment is one that you have to be in often, see if you can make your personal space an oasis that helps you recharge or feel safe.  Fill it with plants, photos, inspirational sayings, music, or anything else that appeals to you.
  5. Merge with your power animal and ask that it increase your energy to help deflect the negative energy associated with the toxic environment

How do you handle being in a toxic environment?


  1. Persephone Rose 7 years ago

    Holding a crystal seems to help emotionally cleanse me.

  2. Karen 7 years ago

    Being in nature helps. Sometimes though, i just have to work around it.

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