We’ve all been there: we stay in a job, relationship or situation because it is “known” and easier than the alternative of finding something new.  But in doing so, we end up providing a great disservice to ourself and our personal growth.

Change isn’t easy.  It requires you to take a leap of faith that what comes out on the other end will somehow be better than where you are today.  And, there’s no guarantee that once you leap that everything will be smooth sailing.  In fact, the opposite is often true – you discover some stumbling blocks and challenges as you navigate change.

But here’s the thing:  It’s only by letting go of something that no longer works or satisfies you that something better can come into you life.  You have to make space for the new thing – a job, a relationship, an attitude or perspective, a learning – to come in.

Recently I let go of a relationship that, while good, wasn’t quite what I was looking for in that particular type of relationship.  And so, even though there weren’t any problems, I let it go.  I’m not going to lie.  It was a very difficult decision to make, and I was sad about it.  But I knew it was necessary for me so that I could find the type of relationship I truly wanted.  It was also necessary since I knew by letting go, I would prevent a currently good relationship from spiraling into a bad relationship.

Through this process, I learned things about myself.  I learned what was important to me.  I discovered some old wounds and perspectives that no longer served me or represented what I have been working toward in my personal spirit evolution and released them.  And I reinforced my trust in the Universe that everything will work out.

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