Allowing Life to Unfold

Allowing Life to Unfold


I admit it. I can be impatient.

But time and time again I’ve seen the impact and magic that can happen when I don’t try to force something and instead let it unfold. Things come together in ways that I couldn’t begin to imagine.

As human beings, we have extremely limited views of what is possible. Even the greatest visionaries and inventors probably couldn’t see the far-reaching implications of their ideas. But the higher power of the Universe can see and orchestrate things in ways unimaginable.

Many years ago, I was working at a job that was, quite frankly, abusive. The owner of the small company belittled and screamed at all of his employees. Almost everyone there felt degraded. I decided to look for a new job. In spite of a good job market, and my many marketable skills, I wasn’t able to find a new position. I went on many interviews, but two years later, still hadn’t found a job.

I was at a trade show when I got a phone call from a woman that reported to me. Her 16-year old son had just been diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive form of liver cancer. She was a single mother and was worried about losing her job if she took time off to take him to the doctor, care for him, etc. I immediately assured her that the most important thing was to take care of her son and we could figure out together the best working situation based on how her son was doing.

Her son battled cancer for just a few months before he passed away. During that time, she and I worked out a flexible work schedule that worked for her. I spent time visiting her son at hospice and doing what I could to help her out, including standing up to the owner of the company who wanted to fire her because she couldn’t work full time while caring for her son.

Two weeks before her son passed away, I was called for an interview for what was at that time my dream job in New York City. They offered me the job, and I started the day after her son’s funeral.

Looking back, I realize that I needed to stay at that job so that my employee could focus on caring for her son without worrying about losing her job. And I was so grateful that I was able to do that for her.

So now, when things don’t go the way I want them to, I tell myself that the Universe has greater plans for me. How have you seen this happen in your life?



  1. Karen 7 years ago

    Nothing as beautiful as your story, but yes, small detours that led to small moments of grace. Now, I just expect that rhey happen for a reason and I am grateful to see this.

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 7 years ago

      I love your positive and open perspective to life. Beautiful!

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