Sending Love to Orlando

Sending Love to Orlando


I have been struggling for the past day to find the words to express my pain and grief over the senseless killing in Orlando, and I have yet to be able to do it. This type of hatred and violence is incomprehensible to me and my heart aches for everyone impacted by it – for those in Orlando, as well as for those who have been impacted by every horrible act humans take against each other globally.

While I might not ever be able to find the words, I can and will hold love in my heart and pray that as humans we are able to rise above discrimination, injustice and hatred to a point where we can truly embrace one another as brothers and sisters. I will do my best to serve as a model for this type of love.  And so I send my love out…and ask that you join me.

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  1. Karen 7 years ago

    I stand with you, sister.

  2. Karen 7 years ago

    I am standing with you too.

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