Today begins the Kan trecena. 

Kan means seed in the Mayan language. This 13-day period is all about planting seeds to create new patterns in your life. This fertile time requires clear intentions and respect, however, for you to fully manifest the abundance of the seeds you plant. 

How will you be the spiritual gardener of your life?

4 thoughts on “KAN Trecena: Time to Plant

  1. at first I though it’s about planting trees but now I feel more happy that I read it. The said time of 13 days is passed maybe? but I guess one can start anytime… Can I steal the Mayan concept and word for a post?

    1. We just wrapped up the Kan trecena a few days ago but, yes! Centering and getting clarity about the seeds you want to plant and then integrating that into your life is a great start. And yes, feel free to share/repost/reword. ~Jennifer

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