OC Trecena: Having Faith

OC Trecena: Having Faith


Welcome to the OC, or Dog, trecena. In Mayan mythology, Dog carries the torch and guides souls through the Underworld, or the “Dark Night of the Soul” that leads to personal transformation and rebirth.

Often, during the introspective time of the CABAN trecena, things come up that demand you to work through them. You may be re-evaluating relationships, work or your life purpose, or seeking greater balance in all aspects of your life. Or you might be questioning all of the things going on in the world today and how you might help.

Dog represents faith and loyalty, and the OC trecena asks that we have faith and hope even in the darkest of times. Dog is by your side and can help you.  As you grow and evolve individually, you can also work together to create authentic spiritual justice and balance on the planet.

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