Living a Life without Regrets

Living a Life without Regrets

I’ve spent time this week thinking about my past, the decisions I have made, and my overall path that has brought me to this point in time.

Like most people, I have actions and things in my past that I wished could have been different – whether it was an action I felt I should have taken, or words I should have (or shouldn’t have) spoken, or something I regretted doing.  But, as I thought about each this past week, I realized that each brought me a life lesson and opportunity to grow and evolve.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these life lessons.

And so, I looked at each through a new lens – that of gratitude for the life lesson provided to me by the Universe.  Once I did that, any feelings of regret dissolved and I could embrace the role it provided in helping me become a more compassionate, caring person.

We are a society that frowns upon and punishes mistakes.  Yet, we are all human, and as such, we will mistakes.  It’s inevitable. Our mistakes are what help us improve.  Without them, we might stay “stuck” in where we are evolution-wise and never reach our full potential.  Mistakes are a gift, and should be recognized as such.  However, with every gift, it’s necessary to take the gift and do something with it, rather than letting it sit there unused.

Going forward, I am going to honor and celebrate the mistakes I make, rather than feel regret and shame about them – and then act upon them.  I invite you to do the same!

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  1. Beautiful words and ones that we all need to hear. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mistakes I made, but I wouldn’t want to change any of it.

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