Are You Worthy?

Are You Worthy?

One thing I hear over and over again from clients, friends and family – and even, sometimes, from the voice in my head – is the idea of not being worthy.  It can show up in so many ways:

  • I don’t deserve this promotion (or other positive thing).
  • I feel guilty doing this for myself.
  • I feel like a fake – why would anyone think I am good at doing this?
  • I can’t accept this gift.
  • So many people are better than I am.

If someone you loved and cared about sat down with you and said any to these things, would you agree with him or her?  Of course not.  You would point out all of the reasons why he or she was worthy.

And, the truth is, you are worthy.  Every gift or blessing that comes your way does so for a reason.

In some cases, these gifts and blessings are a result of our own hard work.  To deny or reject these gifts is to deny yourself the opportunity to grow, evolve and share with others.  When I was just starting out doing my shamanic work, I questioned my ability to do it, and whether anyone would even believe that I could do so.  If I hadn’t quieted that voice in my head, I would never have found my life path and wouldn’t have been able to help others.

In other cases, these gifts and blessings are an expression of the love another has for us (or, the love we have for ourselves!). Our inability to accept these gifts is a direct reflection of our inability to accept love.  When I was recuperating after being hit by a car, I was unable to walk and needed to accept a lot of help from others. Friends would come over and gather my mail, take out my garbage and run errands for me.  Not the most glamorous of gifts, but gifts given with a great deal of love and care for me. To reject them would be unthinkable, since I would have then rejected the giver.  These types of gifts taught me the love intrinsic in receiving and that most people want to help others and enjoy doing so.hand-1549224

The next time you find yourself going down the “I’m not worthy” path, stop. Recognize the gift or blessing, accept it, and say thank you with a grateful heart. You are worth it!



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