LAMAT Trecena: Shine Like a Star!

LAMAT Trecena: Shine Like a Star!


Today begins the LAMAT, or Rabbit/Star, trecena.

It is the last trecena of this cycle of the Tzolkin calendar, and brings with it positive growth, enlightenment and abundance.  This trecena is an excellent time to celebrate all of the abundance present in your life today – your gifts and talents, your loved ones, the beauty of nature, the bounty of Mother Earth, love, joy, laughter – and choose to live from a place of heartfelt abundance every day.  You’ll become a shining star!

As a reminder, the focus of the Tzolkin is to increase your consciousness and spirit evolution.  Here is the full cycle of the Tzolkin, with links to each trecena:

  1. IMIX: birth, nurturing, new ideas and possibilities
  2. IX: face personal fears
  3. MANIK: find inner strength and power for deep personal healing
  4. AHAU: get enlightenment on your journey and increase your inner light
  5. BEN: recognize and appreciate the abundance and blessings in your life
  6. CIMI: embrace the transformative changes in your life
  7. CAUAC: release what you need to make room for what needs to sprout and grow
  8. EB: get insights on your life path
  9. CHICCAN: begin transformation and creation of new life path
  10. ETZNAB: face your truth, potential and inner beauty
  11. CHUEN: have fun and gain creative wisdom
  12. KAN: plant seeds to create new patterns in your life
  13. CABAN: nurture seeds to evolve and have personal growth
  14. OC: have faith and hope – even in dark times
  15. AKBAL: discover your own unlimited potential
  16. CIB: understand your destiny by connecting with your ancestors
  17. MULUC: learn to release and go with the flow
  18. IK: be open to messages from the spirit world
  19. MEN: soar high and look at the big picture of your life
  20. LAMAT: become a shining star



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