Keeping Energy Moving

Keeping Energy Moving


Energy is meant to flow.  When we are in a healthy state, energy flows in and out of our lives, bringing with it those things that we most need on our journey. When energy becomes stagnant, however, it becomes more difficult for us to manifest what we need in life.

Since everything has energy, one way that we stop energy from circulating is when we hold onto something rather than releasing it.  This can include physical items, thoughts, personas, or habits, as an example.  It’s easy to get attached to things (physical and otherwise) that are either holding us back or are not being used.  One need to look no further than in a closet full of shoes and or toy box overflowing with toys that are rarely used for a simple example of this.  When we hold onto things that we no longer use or value, the energy associated with those things stops moving.  It stagnates and prevents new things from coming into our life.

So, how do you get the energy moving again?  Learn to release.

The Native Americans have a beautiful tradition called a Give Away Ceremony.  During the ceremony, individuals give away perfectly good and functional items that they no longer need or use.  Anyone participating in the ceremony can take these items and begin using them.  The items are given away with a joyful heart that someone else will benefit from the gift and with a sense of abundance.  The energy surrounding the item begins to circulate, and both the giver and the receiver benefit.

I make it a habit to regularly sweep through my home and donate or give away items that I am no longer using.  I find that the energy in my home is much lighter after I do this, and I feel more centered without the clutter of these items around.  I’ve also found that when I’ve cleared and created space, the exact item that I do need comes in…and has a place to reside in my home.

What can you release today? With the holidays coming, I challenge you to release those items that no longer serve a purpose for you and donate or give them away to someone that will value them.  Happy giving!



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