Messages from the Universe

Messages from the Universe

When I meditate and connect with my spirit guides, they often give me messages to share with others.  I thought I’d share these messages from my book, This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution, since they are extremely relevant for our world today.

We are here with you. We are always here. Even when you don’t feel us or don’t think we are here, we are still with you. We want to help you grow and learn. We can help guide you and will be with you and protect you, if you ask. We do not want to interfere in your life, so we don’t take action unless we are asked. But if you do ask us, if you reach out to us, we will respond.

However, we don’t always respond the way you think we should. We continually come from the perspective of what is the best for the highest good. So that may mean that you won’t win the lottery— even if you ask for that one million times.

We love you. We want you to learn and grow. We want you to reach a higher level of consciousness in this lifetime. Our goal is to help you get there. So when “bad” things sometimes happen, please recognize that they are tools or mechanisms to help with your growth. Ask yourself, What is the lesson that I am supposed to learn from this situation, from this pain? There is always a lesson. In most cases, people do not grow, change, and transform when everything is going well. It takes some type of change, some type of hardship, to help that happen.

But remember that we love you. We come from a place of complete and total love.

What message do you want me to bring to the people of the world, Universe?

It’s simple—love and grow and forgive. Be one with each other. Use your talents to work together, to help each other. The community is more important than the individual. It is far better for the community to grow, transform, and evolve than it is for one individual to do so—because then we have a significant change in consciousness that helps bring about a more connected world.

That’s not to say that all individuals shouldn’t be working on these things. They should. What we’re saying is that individuals should not work to the exclusion or detriment of the community. What good is one enlightened person in the world if the rest of the world cannot begin to work toward the same result—using whatever path they deem the right one? What change can that one person bring that could not be multiplied through a community working together? The key is to come at this from the perspective of love and forgiveness. These traits, plus compassion, are the foundation. You have become a society of “me, me, me,” with very few people thinking about “us.”

Move beyond yourself to others. Recognize the interconnectedness of the community. Realize that one person’s growth can be seen as true transformation only if it helps the community. And by “community,” we mean the world.


Copyright 2016 Jennifer B. Monahan, Spirit Evolution


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