Radiating Love: One Story

Radiating Love: One Story

A couple weeks ago, after I wrote about a Radiating Love challenge, I went to catch a bus here in San Francisco.  For those of you who have ridden on MUNI, you know that the bus can often be crowded and unfriendly.  I decided to fill myself up with love before getting on the bus.  Here’s what happened:

I boarded the bus and there were no seats.  A man motioned to me, and gave me his seat (nearly unheard of unless you are a senior citizen).  I thanked him and sat down.  A few stops later, my seat mate got off the bus, and an elderly man got on.

He was easily 80 years old, and made a beeline for the empty seat next to me. He sat down next to me, looked at me for a minute or two, and then, while saying hello to me, pulled out his wallet.  He opened up the wallet and showed me pictures of his deceased wife and his wedding day to her.  For the next twenty minutes, he shared with me his past, how much he loved and missed his wife, and recent events in his life. I was touched that he would share such personal details with me, and did my best to honor him and his story while on the bus.

I considered not getting off at my stop, but had an appointment to keep.  I thanked him for  our conversation and wished him well.

When I thought about it afterwards, I realized that this man needed a safe space to share his feelings and be validated as a human being.  By radiating love, I was able to give him that.

What’s your Radiating Love story?


  1. Amber Choisella 6 years ago

    Beautiful, proof that everything happens for a reason and often we’re helping others without a conscious effort! I enjoy telling others I love them, whether it’s immediately after I’ve met them or if I’ve known them for years. Sharing the love, it’s almost life’s best feeling.

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 6 years ago

      It really is! And I love that you tell people you love them!

      • Amber Choisella 6 years ago

        It may sound weird initially but we all come from love therefore we are love, essentially😊

      • Author
        Spirit Evolution 6 years ago

        Not weird at all!! 😊💖

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