Finding Something Positive in Every Day

Finding Something Positive in Every Day

It’s easy to go through life on auto pilot, moving from one to-do list item to another until finally collapsing into bed at night, exhausted and numb from the day’s events. I’ve been there. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

One thing I do is focus on savoring those unexpected, often fun moments that crop up during the day. They don’t necessarily need to be anything unique or grandiose. The only requirement is that they make me stop and smile. Here are some recent ones:

  • I was opening up an account at a business and started chatting with the customer service agent that was helping me. Turns out, he is a globally renowned artist that has met a number of people through his art, including Presidents Obama and Bush, Prince Charles and Camilia, Oprah, and David Letterman. His passion and creativity were inspiring!
  • The agent at the United Club that surprised me on a recent flight. As I was leaving the Club to go to my gate, I asked the agent if there were any lifesavers. I usually grab a few for my flight. The agent couldn’t find any, so I said no problem and went and boarded my flight. We were about to take off when the agent comes on board with a big handful of lifesavers for me. This small surprise totally made my day!
  • Having a friend buy a bunch of yummy treats and discovering, after she left, that she hid several of them in my house. Such a fun treasure hunt to find them!

Every night, I stop and think about what the best thing was that happened to me that day. These positive experiences keep me smiling and help me remain positive when I’m working through something.

How do you keep positive?


  1. Amber Choisella 6 years ago

    I stay positive with napping, hot salted bubble baths, hot showers, meditating, and talking to others about hope and brighter days.

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