The last few weeks have been a time of transition for me: I completed my book tour, packed up my apartment and put everything in storage, said goodbye to family and friends, and moved (temporarily) to Guatemala. I spent the first two nights at a very nice resort while I looked at potential long-term places to stay. And yesterday I transitioned to a small hut in the jungle.

The thing that makes most people nervous about transitions is the unknown. Is everything going to work out? Will I be happier, more at peace, more energetic, etc.? What if I don’t like how it all ends up? What if I fail?

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have any stress about all these changes. But I didn’t have a ton of stress over it. What helps me is that I look at each change as a new adventure filled with possibilities.

So, completing the book tour means that now I can start writing the next book. Moving out of my apartment in San Francisco means that there is going to be a great place for me to live when I get back. And moving to Guatemala is giving me the chance to experience a different way of life and make new friends.

How to you handle the transitions in your life?



  1. Gerri 11 months ago

    It all sounds very exciting! Good luck with your new adventures!

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