What’s Your Moment?

What’s Your Moment?

Hello B2BCyCon attendee and Blog Hopper!

I’m writing this while sitting in a small, thatched-roof hut in the jungle of Guatemala. I moved here from San Francisco, CA about six weeks ago to write my next book, but more importantly because I knew if I didn’t, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

About four years ago, I was on vacation in Mexico and had a moment that changed my life forever. We all have these moments. They are the ones that cause us to stop and take a good hard look at our lives and ask ourselves the tough questions: Am I where I need to be and doing what I should be doing? Is my life joyful and purposeful? Am I living with passion?

My moment occurred when I met a Mayan shaman. I knew the minute our eyes met that my life was going to change. And did it ever! My book, This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution, recounts my journey to finding and living my life purpose. I call it a spiritual memoir, because not only does it tell my story, but it also includes a number of messages I received from the spirit world while I made some changes to my life.

Most significantly, I learned how important it is to live life authentically and fully. I had made some changes to my life, but I was trying to play it safe and just dip a toe into the life that was I was called to live. That was a big mistake, which led to Moment #2: being hit by a minivan while walking across the street. I spent six months on my couch recuperating and had plenty of time to think.

I decided to fully embrace this new life path that I was being led on. So, when I started to get some nudges from the universe to move to Guatemala, I said “yes.” In the six weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve had some amazing – and some very funny – experiences. You can read about and follow them here on my site.

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