What is Love?

What is Love?

When I do my shamanic sessions, I tap into pure, limitless love – the kind of love that embraces everyone regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or actions. I have a hard time describing this love because it is so different from how we tend to describe or portray love.

In our society today, love between two romantically inclined adults is usually equated with flowers, passion and butterflies in the stomach. But this type of love can also bring with it jealousy, fear and an urge to control or change the other person. This isn’t really love.

A better example of love might be what we see between a mother (and father) and a newborn baby. The new parent is filled with joy and wants only the best for the baby. There are no expectations (at this point in the child’s life at least) that the baby be anything more or different from what he or she is. There is no attempt to control the baby or force him or her to act or respond in a different way. The baby is loved simply for being.

This is probably the best example I can give about the love that I work with – and that provides the shamanic healing – when I do my sessions. This love sweeps through me and to my clients and is extremely powerful. It can bring about miracles and healing instantly. It can help someone release a hurt or anger that they have been holding onto for years. And it can make someone tingle with the depth of the emotion.

So my question is: how can we bring more of this type of love into our world everyday? How can we fully accept people as they are? How do we lose the categorization mindset (good/bad, worthy/not worthy)?

I think if more people consciously practiced this type of love, we would see an openness and desire to understand one another. I think barriers that we have created out of fear of “the different” would come tumbling down, and maybe, for the first time, we would be able to be in a society where each person is valued for simply being.

That is love.


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