Endings…and New Beginnings

Endings…and New Beginnings

Today I leave my little jungle hut and head back to San Francisco for a couple weeks. The past four and a half months have gone by so quickly, and yet it also feels like I have been here for much, much longer. 

Saying goodbye is much harder than I thought it would be. Last week I held a “thank you” going away party at my house for all of the people who have let me into their lives, helped me navigate a different country and a different culture, and who have become dear friends in such a short period of time. I made an American-style cookout, complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, pasta salad, chips and watermelon. It was completely new to my Guatemalan friends and they loved it. 

As difficult as it is to say goodbye, I also know that it is time for me to continue on this journey that I started in February. Japan and Mongolia are calling to me, and I’m certain some more life lessons and fun experiences wait for me. 

From a spiritual perspective, I got some very clear insights on the day of the summer solstice. I was meditating on top of one of the astrological temples of Uaxactun after completing a small ceremony to honor the day and express gratitude. The sun had just risen, and the jungle was a riot of animal sounds as they began their day. I was the only one there and I relished the tranquility of the early morning hour. I received the message that I have learned what I needed to and released the fears that had been holding me back from living my life purpose while here in Guatemala. I have completed a cycle – in line with the completion of the sun’s cycle.  My next lesson is learn to love completely and unconditionally at all times.  I begin that learning as I continue my travels. 

However, I also have been getting strong nudges from the universe that Guatemala will be part of my future. I will be holding spiritual retreats here that bring together the power and energy of sacred Mayan sites with the pure love and healing power of shamanism to help people discover their life purpose and live authentically and joyfully. 

And so, this week I found and bought a small piece of Guatemalan jungle here in El Remate and am building a home. My goodbye party became a “see you soon” party. I will be back!


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