On the Road Again

On the Road Again

These last two weeks in San Francisco have been amazing. I loved visiting with my friends, eating all sorts of yummy food, and taking a few dance classes. I’ve been staying with a friend, and it has been wonderful just hanging out together. In many ways, this time has felt like a mini “break” from the spiritual work I have been doing since I got to Guatemala.

Of course, there really isn’t ever a break from spiritual work, and I’ve had a few things come up while I have been here in San Francisco to remind me of this. I am still working through these things and trying to make sense of them, but suffice to say that the universe always keeps me on my toes!

I leave on Monday to go to Asia. I’m starting in Tokyo, to visit a friend of mine, and then heading over to Cambodia and Thailand. Cambodia will be new to me, and I’m excited to visit a number of temples there and in Tokyo and Thailand. I am hoping to connect with some spiritual teachers there and learn more. And my goal is to complete writing my second book while I am there as well!

I’m open to any suggestions on places to go or restaurants. Feel free to post them in the comments. Thanks!


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