Energetic Help from the Eclipse

Energetic Help from the Eclipse

On August 21, we will have a total solar eclipse here in the United States.  I recently received an email from Lyn Dalebout, a sidereal astrologer, about the upcoming solar eclipse.  In her blog post, she talks about the significance of the upcoming eclipse, namely that it is a time to “courageously align the conscious light of Self (who you are becoming) with the subconscious depths of your Soul (who you’ve been)…as you commit to live more fully the totality of your Self.”  She then goes on to explain that eclipses come in pairs, and the mate to this one was on February 26, 2017.  Because they come in pairs, she said that it was a good time to think back about what you were thinking about and trying to manifest in February and then compare it to where you are now.

So I did.

February 26 was my second full day in Guatemala and I was preparing to move into my little hut the next day.  But more importantly, it was a time where I was taking my first steps to creating a new life free from what I call limiting beliefs that we all have that hold us back from living authentically.  I was choosing to release the belief that I had to live in a prescribed way, and instead could live a very different life from the one I had been living.

I’m not saying that it has been easy.  I had some pretty deep-rooted fears designed to keep me living in a very “safe” and “constrained” life…such as thinking that I needed to have a stable home and address and that I needed to work a traditional 9-to-5 type of job.  I had to overcome a fear that I would somehow ruin my life and become homeless by releasing these things from my life.

In spite of these fears, I took a leap of faith that it would all work out, and that somehow I would be able to have richer, more robust life.  My intention was to live more freely and spend six months or so traveling around the world while I wrote my next book.

Spiritually, eclipses bring about massive changes, new waves of energy and open portals to new energetic pathways. Looking back, I feel like I have made some significant changes to my life and am living far more authentically and freer than I ever have.  I’m still traveling (I am currently in Cambodia) and interestingly enough, will wrap up my travel right around the time of the August solar eclipse.  I’m planning on working with the energy of the upcoming eclipse to help me define and manifest the next phase of my life.

If you’re looking to create change in your life, spend some time now getting clear on what you want to manifest and then put that intention out there during the upcoming eclipse!



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  1. aheartbasedlife13 6 years ago

    I will do just that Jen! Wonderful insight, as always!

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