Finding Love and Compassion in Difficult Times

Finding Love and Compassion in Difficult Times

I have been struggling with the events of the past week. Video and social media has made it even easier to truly experience the emotions felt during last weekend’s rally in Charlottesville and the attack in Barcelona.  I have clearly felt the hatred, anger, bitterness and vitriol, and it saddens and scares me.

How can there be this much hatred, intolerance and lack of compassion in the world?

I know that by being and radiating love, I can help the world heal from these things.  I tried to find compassion and empathy for those who were rallying and filled with anger, but I wrestled with my sadness.  Perhaps it was because I was in Bangkok, Thailand and felt so far from home.  Finally, I reached out to a friend of mine and shared my sadness.

His words helped restore my hope in humankind, and I wanted to share them with you.

“The hatred has always been there.  It is being exposed in order for peaceful people to find their power and action.  These situations are a lightening rod for pushing the contrast to the limit.  My advice is:

* Keep your center.  Be loving.
* Educate the young to hold peace and love and action as core values…
* …Worth not just defending but also participating actively in any way that is their
* Be a voice.
* Post, rally peacefully, blog, become an activist or speaker.

All of these steps are about standing up for decent human values, beliefs and behaviors that are the world we will leave for our children and their children and their children.”

His words reminded me that I was on the right track and empowered…and that I had more work to do. Love will win!

Sending light, love and blessings to all, with the hope that we will all feel compassion and empathy for our fellow human beings, the other beings that live on this planet, and the planet itself.


  1. Becky Cleland 6 years ago

    I love this. Thank you for sharing! <3

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