Saying Yes

Saying Yes

For the last year and a half, I’ve been saying “yes” to the universe.

  • I’ve said “yes” to giving up my corporate job and launching a business that brings together shamanism, coaching and training to help people live authentic, purpose-driven lives…even though I knew I’d be walking away from a career I had dedicated many years to.
  • I’ve said “yes” to focusing on my writing – to my blog, the book that was published almost a year ago, and the one that I finished writing this past August and am in the process of going through the publication process with…even though it was scary for me to be so open and honest about my life.
  • I’ve said “yes” to giving up my apartment, putting everything in storage, and spending over 6 months living in and traveling to different countries…even though I had no idea where I would live when I got back.
  • I’ve said “yes” to buying land and building a home in the jungle of Guatemala…even though I had said I’d never want to own a home again.

And what have I gotten from all of these yeses?

I am living a life that brings me great joy.  I define how I want to spend each day and balance my life work with personal time. I have had the opportunity to meet with and help people from around the world through my book, blog, shamanic sessions and coaching. I have traveled around the world and met many wonderful people who have opened up their homes and hearts to me and have memories that will last me a lifetime. And I will have a beautiful sanctuary and refuge in Guatemala when I need to get away from the craziness of life and have some “me” time.

But even more importantly, saying “yes” required me to develop faith and trust that somehow everything would turn out all right, and taught me that it is only by taking a leap into the unknown that we can truly become who we are meant to become. As a result, saying “yes” has opened so many more doors and experiences for me than I could have ever imagined and I can honestly say that I have no regrets about the decisions and actions I’ve taken during this time.

When we say “yes,” we give permission to the universe to bring us the best that it has. We allow energy to flow through and to us, rather than blocking it when we say “no.”  In short, we are saying that we want and accept more out of life and are willing to jump with both feet into our lives.

What can you say “yes” to today?


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