Orchestrated Connections

Orchestrated Connections

Sometimes we meet someone and the connection is so instant, and so timeless, that we know that we were destined to meet. We have all had this happen to us, and from my experience, these are the people who have the most impact on our lives. They may be part of our lives for many years, or for only a short time period, but either way, the change our lives.

I can easily count the number of people who have been like that for me, and I have always been surprised at the number of ways our lives have aligned. It’s almost as if these little “coincidences” are there to further solidify the connection. For example, when I was 18, I worked at a steakhouse in New Hampshire. There was another woman my age who worked there as well. Our relationship actually got off to a rocky start (I take full responsibility for that – I was working two full time jobs and was tired and a little cranky), but when we started talking we discovered that we had both lived in the same town in Massachusetts, gone to the same town in Maine for summer vacations, and lived very close to each other in New Hampshire. It wasn’t a matter of “if” we were going to meet, but “when.” We have been friends ever since, and I know that I can call her anytime and at any hour – even if we haven’t talked for months or years – and she will be there for me.

I’ve had a number of experiences like this in Guatemala, which further confirms to me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this time in my life. The connections I’ve made with people here go deeper than just new friendships.

Not all of these connections are with people who live here.  Last year, when I first got to Guatemala, I went down to the dock one night to watch the sunset. (The sunsets over the lake are gorgeous, and it is a nightly ritual to stop and admire Mother Nature’s show.) On this particular night, I met a woman from France. It was her last night in Guatemala. We started talking and discovered that we had many things in common: we had both lived in the same town in France, we were both interested in shamanism (she had spent the week working with local shamans), and we both did work with the spirit world.

The connection was instantaneous, and we both lamented the fact that she was leaving in the morning for France. We were going to go out to dinner so we could continue our conversation, but the hotel she was staying at had planned a surprise going away party for her. So we exchanged email addresses and promised to stay in touch.

Over the past year, we have shared our respective services with the other (I did a shamanic session with her via Skype and she did a channeled message session for me.) and have emailed regularly.

And this past week, she came back to Guatemala for a week and we had a chance to – finally! – visit in person. We had dinner together a couple times, I made lunch for her at my house, and we talked and shared ideas. We spoke in French, English and Spanish, as needed, to convey our thoughts. Amazingly enough, there was no awkwardness, and we continued on our conversation as if we had just seen each other the day before and had known each other for years. In fact, we decided that we were sisters from different continents!

I don’t fully know why our paths have crossed, but I have a feeling that they will be crossing again in the future…possibly in France. When I was three years old, I told my parents that I wanted to drive a little sports car, and that I wanted to go to France. I have the cutest little Audi TT and have been to France several times. But my sense is that I might be doing some work in France in the future, perhaps with my new French sister.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds!


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