Finding Authentic Support in Surprising Places…

Finding Authentic Support in Surprising Places…

Today’s post is a follow up guest post from one of my clients, Siobhan M., where she describes her personal experiences as she lives her authentic life.  To read her first post, click here.


Those of you who read my previous article will know that the shamanic authentic living course created by Jennifer Monahan, propelled me to discover my authentic self, and with it my passions and purpose for the future.

As with all journeys, the route to expand ourselves, stretch out of our comfort zones and reach upwards towards our dreams is not always an easy one. The road to authenticity can be a bumpy one, throwing up unhelpful fears and limiting behaviours that need to be addressed and pushed through.

Knowing where you want to be is half the battle. Getting there is the other half. Identifying your passions and purpose is a great help, it will give you direction and a solid resolve in those moments when self doubt kicks in (and trust me, if you are genuinely stepping out of your comfort zone and breaking habits of a lifetime then at some point self doubt will kick in).

One of the most interesting, and perhaps most surprising, benefit of working with Jennifer has been the long lasting nature of the ‘shamanic’ support. I am not talking here about a physical, tangible support but rather a presence, an ‘energy’, that has stayed with me long past the completion of the coursework and coaching sessions.

Jennifer delivers her unique, effective and utterly amazing sessions in such a way that the shamanic aspect is subtly present yet effective. There is a delicate awareness of being connected to something deeper, of being supported and nourished from places beyond normal comprehension, and there is an acute sense of safety, security and inner peace.

This awareness was always heightened after each coaching call with Jennifer (she undoubtedly strengthens the connection with her amazing presence) but what has surprised me the most is that this magical, subtle and supportive shamanic energy has continued to stay with me.

In moments of greatest need and self doubt, this underlying support presents itself in the form of the most incredible, insightful and encouraging dreams that I have ever had. There is something different about these dreams; they are utterly vibrant, very ‘real’ and very memorable.  Every detail remains in my mind on wakening and I can recall each dream with as much clarity as any ‘real’ memory.

Within those dreams is always a guide, a mentor of some sort, who delivers a message that has always been exactly what I needed to hear (or feel) at the time. The messages are always insightful, trustworthy and bang on the mark for whatever aspect/choice/concern I had been grappling with.

When I have been feeling isolated I have received messages of love, when I have been feeling doubtful I have received messages of support/encouragement and when I have been feeling unsure I have received messages of clarity and direction. In fact, these dreams don’t just impart
messages but sensations. I wake in the morning with renewed and deep seated sensations of love, support and clarity.

At this stage words can’t really describe the magic, the specialness nor the intensity of this kind of support but it is there and it exists and it imbues so much more to this extraordinary journey of authenticity than I ever could have imagined.

If you would like more information on how to connect with the support of your spirit guides and mentors please contact Jennifer!


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