Announcing my Second Book!

Announcing my Second Book!

I know I have been missing in action lately, but with good reason!  I have been putting the final touches on my second book, due out later this month. You can pre-order the Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon.  I’ll be recording and releasing an audiobook version later this summer.

WHERE TO? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free picks up where my first book left off and shares my continuing journey to live authentically and from the heart. It chronicles one year of my life while living in a thatched-roof hut in Guatemala but also spending time in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand. While one of the most invigorating and special times of my life, this time also forced me to face down some of the greatest losses and long-buried pain that I have experienced.

In all honesty, I am more nervous about the launch of this book than my first one.  While This Trip Will Change Your Life was personal, WHERE TO? is deeply personal – I open up more than I ever have before and share one of the most traumatic experiences in my life. It feels like I am putting my soul out for the world to see.

So I am taking a lot of deep breaths right now and reminding myself of the importance of sharing our stories so we can connect, learn and evolve together. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book should you read it.  Feel free to email me directly or post a review on Amazon.

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  1. Jennifer Shin 10 months ago

    I am very excired for your new book! I loved your first one! I will definitely support you in your next one! Thanks!

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 10 months ago

      Thank you Jennifer! I hope you love this one as well!!

  2. Naomi 10 months ago

    It is so important to share our storiies and I’m looking forward to learning more about yours! N

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 10 months ago

      Thanks Naomi!

  3. Becky Cleland 9 months ago

    I bet it will go better than expected; I have found that when I share my innermost experiences, people respond wonderfully, coming forward with their own vulnerabilities. I guess they feel that your coming forth designates a safe space to bring their sensitive self into. 🙂 <3

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 9 months ago

      Fingers crossed!!

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