When Your Prayer is Answered…

When Your Prayer is Answered…

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my road trip from Los Angeles to Texas in my car.  It turns out the story didn’t end there!

After I got to Houston, I spend a few days driving around.  I had a friend come from Guatemala for a visit, which meant a couple trips to and from the airport, plus taking her around to see the sights.  Once I dropped my friend off at the airport for her trip home, I drove straight to an inspection station to start the process of getting my car registered in Texas.

I pulled up, confident that my car would pass.  I had taken her to a Jiffy Lube before I left Los Angeles for an oil change and safety check.  The only problem they had found was that my third brake light – the long one that runs along the back window area – was out.  But my tail light brake lights and every thing else was fine.

The man at the inspection station took my keys, started the car and pulled it into the garage bay area.  He made one walk around the car and then came to where I was waiting.

“We won’t inspect your car,” he said.

“What? Why not?” I was very confused, since they had a big out front sign saying they did car inspections.

“Your car has absolutely no brake lights.  It will not pass inspection, so I am not going to take your money on a wasted inspection,” he said.

I was shocked.  I explained that the car had just had a safety check a week and a half ago, and that the brake lights were working but the long one wasn’t.  He told me that I probably lost my brake lights soon after I left Los Angeles, since it appeared to be an electrical problem.

I had driven 1,500 miles at about 80 miles an hour and then several days around the city with absolutely no brake lights. As that sank in, I realized just how lucky I had been.  Lucky that I hadn’t gotten into an accident all those times I had to step on the brakes when there was construction on the highway, or when I was driving in the city in traffic.  Lucky that I hadn’t gotten pulled over by a police officer and gotten an expensive ticket.

But then I got goose bumps as I thought about it more. I always ask Archangel Michael for protection whenever I drive.  It has become a habit – I get in the car, start the car, and then say, “Archangel Michael, please shield and protect me and my car.  Put a bubble around us to keep us safe. Help us to get to and from our destination without any incidents.”  And then, when I get home safely, I always say thank you.

When we put requests like this out to the universe (or to Archangel Michael or whoever it is that we are reaching out to), there are many times that we don’t see or feel that we have been heard or that anything has happened.  I can’t tell you how many times I have driven to and from someplace – both here in the States and in Guatemala – where nothing has happened. And it would be real easy to just say, “Oh, nothing would have happened anyway, and how silly of me to make the request.”

But this time, I saw how my little prayer had been answered.  Poor Archangel Michael must of been working overtime with all the driving I was doing to keep me safe and protected until I was able to discover and then fix the brake lights!

Thank you Archangel Michael!



  1. Becky Cleland 4 years ago

    It’s beautiful to see the spirits taking interest in us and giving us what we ask, and what we need. How wonderful to feel looked after!!

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 4 years ago

      💖💖💖 yes it is!!

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