September is a Time for Going Within

September is a Time for Going Within

I can’t believe that it’s September already. March, when Covid-19 really began taking off, feels like an eternity ago and yet it doesn’t feel like we really had a summer. Is anyone else feeling like they’re in this weird limbo state where time seems to move at a different pace?

The days are getting shorter and a couple weeks, on September 22, we’ll be celebrating the Fall Equinox and the first day of autumn.   This time of year is a turning point in nature.  As the days become shorter, we see signs around us of nearly everything in nature preparing to hibernate and go within.  Trees shed their leaves and focus on conserving energy to make it through the winter.  Animals scurry around gathering the last bits of food to sustain them as they huddle in their nests and dens during the cold months. Even water slows down as it freezes.  All of this is in preparation for new growth in the springtime.

At one point in our human history we too would slow down during the winter and stay within our homes.  Families would gather around a warm fire and share stories, learn new skills, and be in sync with the rest of nature. For those who worked the land, the work would slow down and they would have a pause in their labors. This alignment with the ebb and flow of nature gave us humans time to rest and regenerate.

The fall also has a spiritual message for us.  It is the time for us to go within, face our inner darkness, fears and ego, and work to overcome and release both.  This “dark night of the soul” time is critical to the start of our next stage of spiritual evolution. Before we can evolve, we need to first let go of (or let die) those parts of us that will not serve us as we move toward higher consciousness: separation, polarity, judgments, hatred, intolerance, anger, etc. This allows more of our natural light to begin to shine through and grow.

What do you need to release? Personally, I’m continuing to work on releasing my ego.  It’s not an easy task! And I’m hopeful that because I am still working from home that I’ll be able to align more with nature’s cycle. How can you use this continued social distancing time to shed what’s holding you back?

I hope you’re doing well and embracing this strange, crazy time we’re in!


  1. Becky Cleland 3 years ago

    Sara, thank you for your publications! I find them invaluable for their guidance and encouragement.

    I am going through a transformation now; and I think I just had a big breakthrough. I was having some pain in my gut, and in the night, I decided to go down in there and put my love in the hurting places. It took a little time, but I finally got the love to take on a pink form, like a starling murmuration, to go to the place. I imagined it happening on a microscopic level; every time I (the pink form) approached a set of cells that looked brown and damaged, I saw that they were looking toward the past — reliving some hurt or injustice that I had experienced, re-experiencing the misery and pain. I approached each one, asking it to turn from the past and look to the new, clean Now where anything was possible, and it would turn with great wonder and the brown would fall off it as it let the past go and took in the light of the new, of the now, and embrace me with love and joy. One by one, I went through all the brown cells and then all my gut and all of my pelvis, and then all of me, covering every niche and cranny. At this point, I felt like my whole body was glowing. I feel like I now understand that this simple process is the way to heal myself, all over, all through. I then had a vision of myself in front of a crowd, telling them about this process! It took me many hours to get back to sleep, but I have a new vision of what I have to offer, and a fire under me now. Still, part of me feels that what I understand now is not complete, nor “the answer,” nor should I think of offering it as “the answer” to healing oneself. Do you have any words for me? I am sincerely grateful.

    Becky Cleland

    • Author
      Spirit Evolution 3 years ago

      Becky this is beautiful!! You are harnessing the power of love that lives in you to bring about profound healing! And how wonderful that you have a vision on bringing this forward to others – we need more love and healing in this world! I think the only thing I can add to your question is that each person finds their own way forward. You sharing your story will help many people. Some people may take it “as is” and others may modify it to “fit” them and even others may reject it. However they chose to go forward is the correct answer for them. Your role is to simply share you story so that others can hear it and act in the manner that feels best for them. In terms of whether or not your understanding is complete – I can tell you that I continue to learn every day and don’t think that I will ever have the complete answer! But I feel that as long as I am moving forward in the direction of love and my heart, I don’t have to know the entire answer and instead can let new knowledge unfold. xoxo

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