Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

Coaching is where the “rubber meets the road” in your long-term authentic life journey. Shamanic sessions may begin the process; however, to maintain momentum may require some lifestyle or mindset changes on your part.  This is where coaching comes in – we will work together to help you incorporate the changes you need to further your spirit evolution.

  • “Your ability to field through tough emotions and life situations – and extract deep insights is one of your enduring qualities…Your ability to see “what is” in front of you with wisdom, heart and skillful means make you an ideal coach.”
  • "Jennifer has a unique quality that is calming and grounded, allowing for that comforting sense of safety and security when talking with her; this is coupled with her shamanic abilities support the growth and nurturing of the client's own true sense of self. I came to her a train wreck, and with her help, I have blossomed into a strong and stable individual who is confident that the tools and spiritual guides Jennifer helped provide are there to draw upon when needed. I am eternally grateful, and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and coaching. Thank you from my whole heart."


  • "It was really nice speaking to you last weekend, our session was really eye opening and helped me realize some very important things."
  • “You have a calmness about you that is reassuring to people who are going through big changes."
  • “Because of your focus, people are set at ease knowing you are in the moment and not somewhere else.  This creates a sense of comfort and direction…Your ability to generate trust…comes from a true interest in what is happening.”
  • "Thank you for everything. Things have started moving, you've helped me speed up the transition. I can hear your voice as a reminder to always switch the "bad tape" into a positive one...and I can see the changes. Thank you a million times."
  • “You begin, nurture and continue connections with people in all aspects of your life.  Your higher consciousness, that part of you closest to spirit, is present always which allows you to sense others’ needs…You harness that sense to connect and bring out the best.”
  • Jennifer, you are a blessing and power of light and love on this planet. Thank you!!
  • "Thank you SO much Jen! You really helped me to acknowledge a lot of things I already knew as well as bringing clarity to some of the goals I have."

One-on-one coaching sessions focus on integrating the life changes you want/need to incorporate into your life.  We meet as frequently as you want – either over the phone or via Skype.  Each session gives you ongoing personalized, individualized support.  I promise to ask you the “tough” questions to help you clearly define your goals and how you’re going to get there…and will be your biggest cheerleader as you do so.

These sessions will give you:

  • Personal accountability and motivation
  • A sense that you’re not “doing this alone”
  • A warm, safe, nurturing environment to continue your spirit evolution practice and soul journey

Please email me at admin(at) to schedule a complimentary 20-minute session.