The setting sun reflects off the wide meandering river as the howler monkeys make their way through the trees below you. From your perch atop the tallest pyramid of the Mayan archeological site Yaxha in the Guatemalan jungle, you sip your wine, listening to the notes from the Mayan flute slip softly into the warm air. Making your way down the pyramid and through the jungle, you see the fireflies lighting up the lengthening shadows, reflecting the stars that are just starting to show in the sky. It has been another magical day.

The Guatemalan jungle is the PERFECT place to spend 6 transformative days
(and 7 nights)

  • Get more clarity about your life purpose, why you are here, and define what your courageously authentic life looks like
  • Work one-on-one with Jennifer Monahan, a Mayan-trained shaman, to help heal old wounds, release the past, and determine how to move forward
  • Visit ancient Mayan sites and caves…and connect with the energy and wisdom there
  • Participate in group and individual ceremonies seeped in the Mayan tradition
  • Explore picturesque Flores, an island town with brightly colored buildings, cobblestone streets and a Spanish flair

Imagine feeling more confident about yourself and knowing how you can incorporate your purpose and joy into your life.


Perhaps you’ve been feeling confused or discouraged about where your life is going, or are looking for more meaning in your life.  One-on-one session shamanic session(s) with Jennifer Monahan will give you deeper insights.

Maybe you’re feeling out-of-touch with your soul or want to connect more with your inner wisdom. We’ll spend time at sacred sites and in ceremony to help you connect.

Or, perhaps you want to bring more joy into your life. You’ll discover an inner source of joy that you can tap into at any time.



So why should YOU join us?


This retreat is designed to help you connect with your higher self and get guidance on your life purpose. You’ll work through the Six Steps to Living a Courageously Authentic Life over the course of the retreat, and will have daily group and individual time with Jennifer Monahan.  Plus, you’ll have a full-length shamanic session with her prior to the retreat to help you define your focus for the retreat.


You’ll participate in group ceremonies and create your own individual ceremonies and rituals to help you

  • Release whatever it is that is holding you back from living an authentic life
  • Clearly define and state your intentions for your future, and
  • Mark milestones on your path


You’ll also explore ancient Mayan sites such as Tikal, Yaxha, and Uaxactun; wander through the cobblestoned streets of Flores discovering handmade artifacts, international cooking and colonial-era buildings; and get hands-on to help a local, indigenous family and then share an authentic home-cooked Guatemalan meal with them.  And you’ll have free time to explore the towns of El Remate and Flores.

When you go home, you’ll have a clear action plan on the steps you need to take.  Regular group follow-up calls will help you stay on track, get additional coaching, and share your journey and successes.

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The Venue


Guatemala is home to stunning mountains, lakes, volcanoes, rainforests and remnants of an ancient civilization – the Mayans – that still lives on today. We’ll be staying in the town of El Remate, Peten, a small, relaxed village known for its beautiful lake, breathtaking sunsets and highly skilled woodcarvers.

Tucked in the jungle, on the edge of Lago del Petén Itzá in El Remate is our hotel, Gringo Perdido. It is one of the only hotels in the region to be located inside a national biotope, the Cerro Biotope Cahui, and has five docks that stretch over the lake. You have your choice of room to suit your needs and budget!

  • The economical lakefront shared room comes complete with a private bathroom, twin or double beds, sitting area and ceiling fan(s).  Linens, mosquito netting and beautiful views of the lake are also included.  Free wifi is available in the restaurant area.
  • The deluxe shared rooms include two double beds, private luxurious bathroom, air conditioning, wifi, a large-screen TV, and a private balcony and jacuzzi.
  • There are a limited number of private economical and deluxe rooms available as well. Please email admin(at) for availability.

Photo courtesy of Gringo Perdido

Deluxe room. Photo courtesy of Gringo Perdido

Photo courtesy of Gringo Perdido