Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies

Our lives are marked by moments that shape who we are and help us transition to the next phase of our life. As a shaman and an ordained minister, I can work with you to create and conduct the perfect ceremony that honors and brings love and meaning to a variety of rights of passage, including:

  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Welcoming ceremonies (births, adoptions, new pets, etc.)
  • End of life ceremonies
  • Life transition ceremonies (birthdays, divorce, realizing a goal, new home, etc.)
  • Anything else you can think of that you want to honor in your life!

Your ceremony can be a large event or a one-on-one private ceremony, but in every instance we will work together to define the objectives of the ceremony and how the ceremony will flow, bringing together those aspects that are most meaningful to you to create a custom ceremony.  My intent is that your ceremony touches your heart and truly reflects you, your personality and the importance of the life transition.

I feel honored to be part of your your life events. If you are interested in having me officiate your ceremony, please send me an email at Jennifer.Monahan(at) letting me know the type of ceremony you’re looking to create and the date(s) that you’re considering.  We’ll then schedule a call or Skype to talk specifically about your needs.