My shamanic journey began years ago, but really took off in 2013. On the spur of the moment, I decided to go to Yucatan, Mexico for a two-week vacation.  On my third day there, I was led to a Mayan shaman who proceeded to conduct a four-hour shamanic healing on me.  We continued to meet during my vacation, and on my last day there he presented me with an 800-year old stone figure carved from a stalactite from a sacred Mayan cave and told me that I was to become a shaman.

Since then, I’ve travelled back to Mexico multiple times for additional training and healing from the Mayan shaman; have taken a number of shamanic training courses through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and other organizations; and have received extensive training from my spirit guides and helpers.

As I began performing shamanic healing journeys for my clients, I noticed that the helping spirits always had some type of message for me to bring back. Spirit healing is not a passive activity, and it is important that we each take responsibility for our own spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being.  This messages has come through loud and clear to me from the helping spirits.  Each message they have given me is related to the “core” spirit issue that an individual needs to focus on to heal their soul. The helping spirits specifically ask that each of us participate in our own spiritual healing.

Personal change is often challenging.  That’s when I realized that my shamanic journey started years ago when I earned a Masters in Natural Health and became a Life/Energy Coach.  As a coach, I help people identify and integrate changes into their life – exactly what the helping spirits are asking us to do!

I love this work and look forward to helping you with your spiritual journey and healing.

~ Jennifer

What’s with the hands?

hunab-kuA lot of people ask me about the picture of the hands.  The picture is a stylized version of the traditional Mayan shamanic symbol, Hunab Ku, pictured here.  When I met the Mayan shaman, one of the first things he did was take my hand in his to make the shamanic spiral symbol and then explain to me about shamanism and what it takes to be one.

I was so moved by this initial experience that I took a picture of our hands.  It only seemed right that our hands become the symbol for Spirit Evolution.

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