Saying Yes

For the last year and a half, I’ve been saying “yes” to the universe. I’ve said “yes” to giving up my corporate job and launching a business that brings together shamanism, coaching and training to help people live authentic, purpose-driven lives…even though I knew I’d be walking away from a career I had dedicated many… Read More

The Power of Love

I was in Guatemala when I heard the news about the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Like many people, I was shocked and heartbroken. I tried to understand why someone would do this, what could possibly drive one person to take the lives of so many others. I sent prayers and healing energy to the… Read More

Living Authentically

I’ve had so many people say to me that I am living the life they have always dreamed of and they wish they could do what I’ve done.  My response is always the same: You can! I know that my chosen life, helping other people heal and release what they need to in order to… Read More

Fall Equinox: A Time to Go Within

Friday, September 22, 2017 will be the Fall Equinox. The sun, moon, planets and stars played a major role in Mayan spirituality and religious life. Their religion included numerous nature-based gods, including a Sun God, who was also linked to the Mayan nobility. The sun was viewed as the source of light and life, and… Read More

Family Time

“You can’t go home again.” ~Thomas Wolfe My mom’s birthday was this past week, so I decided to head out to the East Coast to spend it with her.  We had a great time, visiting Ellis and Liberty Islands in New York City, going to the movies (we saw The Big Sick, which was really… Read More

Last Day!

Today’s your last chance to stock up on ebooks for 99 cents – including This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution. Head on over to Amazon today!

Halfway There!

We are halfway through the Labor Day 99 cent ebook sale.  Have you downloaded your books yet?  

Insights from Asia

I’m back in San Francisco after spending nearly a month in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand.  Each place was wonderfully unique, and each had a lesson for me. I started off in Tokyo to visit an 86-year-old friend of mine who used to live in San Francisco.  She is an incredibly courageous woman who decided earlier… Read More

Finding Love and Compassion in Difficult Times

I have been struggling with the events of the past week. Video and social media has made it even easier to truly experience the emotions felt during last weekend’s rally in Charlottesville and the attack in Barcelona.  I have clearly felt the hatred, anger, bitterness and vitriol, and it saddens and scares me. How can… Read More