Reconcilable Differences

It seems as if we go through life trying to put other people into buckets…and usually those buckets are some form of “better” or “worse” than us. Society tends to dictate which people have more value – whether value is defined by skin color, gender, sexual orientation or physical possessions. All this ends up doing… Read More

Energetic Help from the Eclipse

On August 21, we will have a total solar eclipse here in the United States.  I recently received an email from Lyn Dalebout, a sidereal astrologer, about the upcoming solar eclipse.  In her blog post, she talks about the significance of the upcoming eclipse, namely that it is a time to “courageously align the conscious… Read More

From the Jungle to the City

I’ve been in San Francisco for a week now and I am thoroughly enjoying being here! The weather has been sunny and comfortable and I am reconnecting with many of my friends.  It’s been one of those fun, crazy kind of weeks filled with lots of laughter, food, story-telling and catching up.  My heart has… Read More

What is Love?

When I do my shamanic sessions, I tap into pure, limitless love – the kind of love that embraces everyone regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or actions. I have a hard time describing this love because it is so different from how we tend to describe or portray love. In our society today,… Read More

Claiming Personal Power

I had a conversation recently with a long-time friend and former colleague who wanted to understand how I was able to make the life changes that I did. He thought it was very inspiring and not something that many people would do. I thought about our conversation for some time after we hung up. While… Read More

Summer Solstice: Renewal and Transformation

Today is the summer solstice.  It’s the longest day of the year. The Maya, like many cultures, believed that the annual cycle of the sun represented a spiritual path of enlightenment that they could follow throughout the year. Each solar year, beginning with the Fall Equinox, was an opportunity to increase one’s consciousness. The sun symbolized… Read More